Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Beautiful woman's body in sexy bikiniSave Time and Money With Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Each year, people around the world spend millions of dollars removing unwanted body hair in a variety of ways. The most popular hair removal methods are time consuming and expensive. Waxing and shaving can be painful and can leave your skin irritated, tender, or result in ingrown hairs. Hair removal creams require you to spend a required amount of time for optimal results and can also result in skin irritation or, in extreme cases, bad reactions to the product. Rejuvenation RX, LLC, offers a better way to get rid of unwanted hair that will save you time and money in the long run.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Instead of subjecting yourself to painful tweezing, plucking, waxing, shaving, or other methods of hair removal on a regular basis, consider the benefits of laser hair removal. They include:

  • Reduced hair growth occurrence
  • Efficient treatments
  • No more ingrown hairs
  • Soft, silky skin
  • Save money

At Rejuvenation RX, LLC, hair removal treatments are done with a Cynosure Palomar Icon Laser. The treatment involves targeting the desired area with short, high bursts of light which is absorbed by the pigment in your hair. Eventually, the light bursts destroy the hair down to the root. It is the destruction of the cellular makeup of the hair and root that make this method effective and provides long lasting results.

If you are looking for a better method to rid yourself of unwanted hair, Rejuvenation RX, LLC, has the right solution for you. Contact my office today for more information on laser hair removal and schedule your free consultation today!