Cynosure Palomar Icon LaserCynosure Palomar Icon Laser

My practice is the first aesthetics office in El Paso to purchase a Palomar Icon Cynosure Laser. That equipment allows me to provide you with the latest in noninvasive facial and body aesthetic treatments. At Rejuvenation RX, LLC, I believe everyone should be able to enrich their natural beauty, yet not be limited by high costs typically associated with the procedures necessary to achieve that goal. With that in mind, this technology helps me offer more affordable options to everyone, while still maintaining the highest quality standards and implementing the latest and greatest in technology options.

In addition, by using patented Cynosure technology, I am better able to zero in on the exact nature of your problem and address it with precision and efficiency. This single laser provides me with multiple options to better service your current needs and help you to achieve your desired results. By using the Cynosure Laser, treatments are shorter, painless and require little to no recovery time. You can immediately start looking and feeling better in as little as one session.


ZeronaZerona by Erchonia

Rejuvenation RX, LLC, specializes in enhancing your appearance through a proven method towards sculpting your body by helping to eliminate those last few inches of unwanted body fat. Those stubborn inches are the ones that usually keep you from achieving the final result you are trying to achieve in regards to your appearance. Zerona by Erchonia is a fat melting laser designed to help you lose those last inches without having to submit to a more invasive procedure.

Why Choose Rejuvenation RX, LLC?

At Rejuvenation RX, LLC, you will find the type of personalized care not found anywhere else. As an NP,my experience and knowledge of facial and body aesthetics will give you the opportunity to look and feel your best with pain free, non invasive options. Come in today for a free consultation and discover how I can help you achieve your goals. See the difference today. Contact my office to schedule your appointment.